4 reasons why your website needs video marketing


Statistics show that the average internet user watches about 100 minutes of video every day. Video is the best way to absorb content and your business needs to take advantage of this. Your target clients are watching videos and not having this is as a marketing tool is suicidal. Video marketing is a type of digital marketing that involves the use of videos to inform, educate and attract potential clients. From posting videos on social media sites to the videos on your official website, it is all an integral part of the marketing. Why do you need to embrace this marketing tool? Here are four powerful reasons.

A Better Website Experience and Longer Retention Time

Your Search Engine Optimisation may be great and the traffic is flowing in but without great content, you can never keep the visitors there long enough to convince them. You need engaging content that will intrigue the visitors and make them want more. Combine high quality written content with interesting videos and you have the perfect website where everyone wants to be at.

A person is more likely to remember what they saw than what they read. So, use videos to tell about your brand, the products and/or services you offer and pass information because the images will linger in the mind of the viewer longer than a statement on your website. All your videos should be high in quality and interesting.

Increased Conversions

With more people actually spending time on your website and absorbing the content, it is very likely that they will convert into clients. Videos give you an edge over your competitors especially if you make some interesting ones. Your clients will be able to tell what your store looks like before they even set foot on it thanks to the videos you post. When they eventually get there they will be able to shop easily and fast which is every customer’s dream.

Videos are easily sharable so you can get people to watch even if they do not visit your website. Encourage your users to share the videos on social platforms and you will reach a wider audience. You may also decide to jump on the latest bandwagon of influencer video marketing. Get a well-known person and create a video with them endorsing your products.

It is good for SEO

Like all other content on your website, videos should be optimised with appropriate keywords to aid in improved search engine rankings. This will involve having captivating titles and descriptions as well as keyword-optimised alt tags. All these are important SEO attributes.

The biggest benefit of this marketing in SEO is an increased dwell time. This is the amount of time people spend on your website. Videos are interesting and will definitely keep people around for longer than written content. With dwell time being a Google ranking metric, videos are an essential tool for search engine optimisation.

Videos are Great for Inbound Marketing

Videos are great on your website but the best part is that you can use them across many other platforms. You can have the same video on YouTube and social media platforms. Make an informational video and share it on other websites for affiliate marketing and other strategies. With a video that have links to your website, you can easily get people to the website. Videos are also great landing pages. In fact, emails with the word video have been shown to have 15% higher click-through rates than those without.

Videos are diverse and may be used across marketing platforms. They do the proverbial act of killing several birds with one stone. Embrace video marketing and see your business thrive.