Case Study

Tracey Lawrence

Who is Tracey Lawrence?

Tracey Lawrence is a head teacher and author, alongside Kerry Hearsey, they have written and illustrated a large selection of vibrant and fun educational and behavioral books for children. These amazing books, which have been beautifully illustrated are great resources to support children, parents and teachers tacking difficult subjects. 

The Brief

Kerry Hearsey approached us as their existing website was not delivering the traffic or leads. Their site was great but sales were being lost due to a confusing ‘user experience’. The site also needed to showcase certain books at specific times of the year but was limited due to the site builder they were using.  They soon found the site builder could help create a website but it won’t highlight issues a user may experience nor help them grow their business and expand to new areas.  

Development Without Disruption

The site was built using a Wix Site Builder and we used WooCommerce, an e-commerce plugin that allows secure transactions. WooCommerce is scalable and supports Paypal as well as other payment methods Tracey Lawrence used.  The WooCommerce plugin allowed us to showcase everything we needed about each book, delivery details, customer logins and transaction history. The site was also linked to MailChimp to allow mailshots for future book releases and special offers.

The Result

We created a refreshed version of their existing website that improved upon the user experience, functionality and payment structure.  The new site is secure and will also allow the client to make changes as the website and business grow. 


We really cannot speak highly enough of this team, their services and the quality of work throughout. From start to finish, the team has understood our business and how best to support our changing needs. The website looks FANTASTIC and we highly recommend Easy Internet Services for every step of your website development journey.
Kerry Hearsey – Tracey Lawrence