Free Video Creation Software


Streaming videos are an effective way to market your services or product over social media. With more platforms available than ever before, getting your brand in front of the right audience relies more and more on visual content.
Compared to written blogs or static images, video marketing has traditionally been neither cheap nor easy. While we can’t help you develop the skills to create a first-rate video (that only comes with practise), finding the right tools for the job needn’t cost your an arm and a leg.
Here are 18 of the top video editing software available today, for free.


Headliner is a great way to create captioned videos. These are invaluable for social media videos, as many scroll through with their sound off, so eye-catching captions are a must. Headliner will automatically transcribe audio and video files, allowing you to crop and edit the finished product as needed.

Clipchamp Create

Clipchamp Create’s free plan allows users to create an unlimited video projects with an impressive array of basic editing tools. These videos can be exported in standard definition without a watermark. The premium package allows you to create HD videos and also allows access to an extensive stock footage library.

Quik by GoPro

Quik is one of two free video editing apps from the makers of GoPro (though it works with other cameras, too). Quik allows you to create quality videos with minimal effort, analysing the footage and collating the best moments. It will even add transitions and synchronise your footage with the background music.

Splice by GoPro

Splice is other GoPro video editing app and – like Quik – can be used with any camera. This compact, yet powerful, editor lets you add transitions, trim footage, at text and titles, change the speed of the video, and more. It even comes with a free soundtrack library to give your video audio appeal.

Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe’s mobile video editing app, Premiere Clip, is available on both Android and iOS devices. Ideal for the beginner, it can create an automatic video for you from a selection of clips and images. Of course, you can take control yourself and create a more customised version, including music, titles, transitions, and more.


Many video-editing apps are scaled-down versions of their desktop equivalents, but not FilmoraGo. Perhaps the most comprehensive free video edition app o the market, it lets you perform transitions, voice-overs, picture-in-picture, fast- and slow-motion effects, text, and so much more. Completely free, FilmoraGo adds no watermarks, nor does it restrict the length of your videos.


Typito is an online video editor that offers a couple of unique features. One of these is the ability to create your own branded banner on each video. This allows for uniformity of appearance across your videos and improves brand identity wherever it might be shared over social media.

Adobe Spark Video

Adobe Spark Video is an incredibly thorough piece of video editing software. With multiple storyboards, themes, and layouts, it lets you create professional videos with minimal effort. Subscription to any Adobe applications (including the popular Adobe Creative Cloud) will automatically give you access to Adobe Spark Video’s premium features.


If you’re looking for a simple online video creator that requires little in the way of technical expertise, Kapwing may be just the thing for you. This montage creation software lets you combine GIFs, videos, and images with music to create a smooth video slide show. Watermarks can be removed for as little as $6 per video. is perfect for anyone just testing the waters of video marketing. Its free plan allows you to create up to 10 2-minute long video in standard definition – just enough to give you a feel for the process. Moving onto the paid option allows for more videos and access to their stock footage library.

Soapbox by Wistia

Soapbox is perfect for recording presentation videos for your team or your customers. This Chrome extension simultaneously records your desktop and your webcam, presenting them as screen-in-screen. This makes it possible to run facilitated presentations, software demos, and even online classes, all in one hand package.


Biteable is another online video creation tool that watermarks your videos. Furthermore, the free version will only let you share or embed videos as a link to Biteable itself. That said, the premium package offers good value for money for anyone creating regular content, as it gives you access to 85000 stock video clips.

Movavi Video Editor Clips

This handy video editing app is available on both Android and iOS devices, and lets you create a video in one of four aspect ratios – square, vertical, vertical for Instagram Stories, and widescreen. The free version includes watermarks on your videos, but these can be removed as part of a $1.99 monthly subscription package.


Only available for iOS devices, VidLab is a free multi-track video editing app, that makes adding audio, text, images, and music to your video an absolute cinch. The free version watermarks your videos, but this can be removed for only $1.99. Extra fonts, as well as video and audio effects, are also available as in-app purchases.

Filmmaker Pro

The default Filmmaker Pro app is a powerful and free video editing tool. It includes in-app purchases to add more music, fonts, and animations to your library, or you can subscribe to access all extra features. Subscribing also removes the Filmmaker Pro watermark that the free version applies to your videos.


More a video maker than a video editor, Animaker is a simple, yet effective animation tool, perfect for creating animated videos for social media. You can upload your own audio and image files, which helps you to maintain your brand identity. The free version only allows uploading to YouTube or Facebook and will attach watermarks to your videos.


Mac users will already have this free video editing software as it comes direct from Apple. It offers several advanced editing tools that most online editors don’t have. It is also available from the AppStore for your iPhone or iPad, allowing you to edit on the go.

Windows Movie Maker

Not to be outdone, Microsoft offer their own free video editing software for Windows users. The free version of Movie Maker includes all the tools you need to complete day-to-day editing tasks. Alternatively, you can upgrade to the paid version when you’re ready for extra features like fast and slow motion.

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