Key Elements to Include on Your Homepage

key elements to include on your homepage

key elements to include on your homepage




Adding a professionally designed logo to your website is important to help visitors identify you, and to help build brand awareness. This is a vital element of all business website.


Add a descriptive yet simple menu. This should be clear so that visitors can easily navigate their way around your website. Visitors should ideally never be more than 3 clicks away from their destination.


Add a headline to the top of your homepage, and include subheadings with your content. Your headlines should include what your website is about in a few lines.

Main image

Add your main image or images to the top of your homepage. Choose high-quality images that relate to what you do.

Call to Action

Add a call to action with a clickable button just under your main image. You can also include additional calls to action at various points in the content.


Add a friendly introduction near the top of your homepage. Write a short intro about who you are and what you offer.


To optimise your homepage for SEO, make sure to add relevant keywords. Include keywords naturally in your headlines and content.

Social Proof

Add a section for your social proof. This should include ratings, reviews, and testimonials.


If you’re offering a service, you will need to showcase your work. You may include your previous work and have it displayed in a portfolio section or as a case study.

Content Block

You may add relevant content blocks that provide useful information to your visitors. For example, in addition to text, you could add sections about events, news, or offers.


Add blogs that are relavant to what you do. Blogs can help increase your traffic and engagement as well as helping you to appear in a wider variety of search results.


Adding a subscription button is vital to building your email list. You can add the form to various sections of the homepage including the footer or the sidebar.


If you’re a business, you can add and highlight the features of your products or services.

Search Box

Adding a search bar to your website is useful for visitors. It can be used as a shortcut to locate content on your website quickly.


A footer should include your contact details, social media links, quick links to important pages on the website, industry accreditations and logos, and a newsletter sign up form.

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