About Fabsite

Fabsite, part of Easy Internet Services, was established in 2000 and grew from an SEO agency to offering web design and web hosting. In fact, we were one of the first free web hosting providers in the UK. Trading under the banner of netnerd.com, we quickly grew to become one of the biggest free web hosting providers in the UK.

Our web designers and tech support team are based in Leicester and Bournemouth, UK. At Fabsite, we work in small teams to provide a more personalised service. Our process is simple; we listen before we create and we make your website stand out from the crowd. Our design and technical support teams have knowledge and expertise in a variety of industries, therefore, whatever the market you cater to, you can rest assured that Fabsite will not only meet but exceed your expectations. 

Our Great Team

Ren - New-Project-8 - Web Designer


Web Designer

Ren is our web designer. Being creative is what he really loves doing, and finding different areas to express that in social media, video marketing and web design projects. He finds successful campaigns really rewarding.

His hobbies include music production/ guitar, vlogging, photography & travelling.

Diana New-Project-6 - Sales and Business Development


Sales & Business Development

She enjoys seeing businesses grow based on strategies and collaborative plans.

Her hobbies include gardening, dancing and working with the Rotary Club. Outside of work, she runs her own charity, Your Smalls Appeal, and loves working with Leading Ladies, Enterprising Women and Rotary projects at club and district level.

New-Project-11 - Ralph


Domain & Hosting Technician

Ralph is a member of our hosting support team. He helps clients to set up/transfer their hosting accounts, register domains and resolve various issues relating to the performance of their website. He enjoys working with clients to help them begin the journey of creating their new website.

His hobbies include playing football, reading, cooking and travelling.

Dani - New-Project-7


SEO Team Leader, PPC

Dani is our SEO team leader and Google Ads Professional. She works with clients on SEO and PPC campaigns, creating optimisation, resolving technical issues and implementing the overall onpage strategy. She works with various other members of the team to oversee the campaigns and ensure they are performing well. She enjoys helping clients to achieve great keyword positions.

Her hobbies include binge-watching sci-fi shows, battling the bad-guys of Azeroth and beyond on World of Warcraft, listening to music no one has heard of and supporting the local Starbucks. Outside of work, she is often found feeding the neighbourhood’s stray cats.

Karla - New-Project-14 Hosting & Domain Support


Hosting & Domain Support

Karla is our domain & hosting support and logo designer. She helps clients with hosting and domain management, as well as assisting the team in a variety of area.

Her hobbies include illustration and art and painting. 


Web Developer

Sam is our Web Developer, SEO technician and Account Manager. He works with clients to implement new features on their websites, resolve technical issues, implement their SEO strategy and oversee the progress of their campaigns. He enjoys creating online solutions for small businesses and individuals who are looking for a platform to express their products and services.

His hobbies include exploring the outdoors, camping, going for long walks and playing Video Games such as World of Warcraft. Outside of work, he is involved in the upkeep of numerous charity award websites based in the East Midlands & Manchester. Seeing the events happen makes him proud to be a part of it.

Some Of Our Recent Work

Removal & Storage

Are You Ready to Join The Club?

Whether you’re looking for a smart and simple business website or a responsive e-commerce website with a whole range of bespoke features, we’ve got you covered. Fabsite understand exactly what makes a great website, and we specialise in designing and building beautifully unique and highly engaging sites that stand out and attract the right visitors. All our websites are built with Google search engine optimisation in mind! You can be assured that when you choose us, you are working with a team that is passionate about web design.